giovedì 1 dicembre 2016

We love kimonos

One of the main trends that hit the runways in this long fall 2016 is the kimono, that finds its origins in traditional Japanese dress.

Una delle maggiori tendenze sulle passerelle di questo lungo autunno 2016 è il kimono, che trova le sue origini nei tradizionali abiti giapponesi.

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Kimono is an easy way to layer and a really versatile piece of clothing, to be weared in any occasion, be it casual or formal. If you are looking for a very wide selection of kimonos in every shape, length and fabric, have a look on StyleWe kimonos

Il kimono è un capo molto versatile, da indossare in ogni occasione formale o meno. Se siete alla ricerca di una bella selezione di kimoni in ogni forma, lunghezza e tessuto, date un'occhiata a quelli di StyleWe. 

Here are my favourite ones

This half sleeve printed kimone is really elegant and classy

This multicolor V neck kimono is in perfect boho style to match with a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top.

This kimono with embroidered flowers, 3/4-length sleeves, with a classy belt is really nice and sexy.

This long casual kimono is light and airy, you can pair it with shorts and heels or with a spaghetti dress.

On this online store you will find the best kimonos at affordable prices; if you like this abstract knitted casual kimono you can belt it over jeans and pair it with tall boots.

With regard to boot if you have any doubts don't loos these tips of wearing booties

Which kimono is your favourite one? You already have kimonos? Leave me your comments!

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