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Is It Safe To Paint During Pregnancy?

So you might be wondering: what a stupid question? 

How in the world can paints affect my baby? I’m not feeding them to him/her. However, contrary to popular belief, the painting might actually show its adversities on your child.

You see, paints, like many others, they release some harmful fumes and chemical which may or may not affect your pregnancy, depending on the composition and type of paint. 

Risultati immagini per mamma pittura la cameretta

Most paints are non-toxic, but that doesn’t mean that the non-toxic chemicals are suitable for unborn babies.

While the exact effects of paints and whitewashing are unknown, it is safe to assume that their effects are not short of a harmful influence.


Risks associated with the use of paint

Some studies do point towards an unhealthy mommy-paint relationship. One study that was conducted on numerous pregnant mothers showed that those who had been exposed to paints, repairing cars, and furniture stripping, had a higher chance of bearing babies gastroschisis, or the birth defect in which babies are born with the intestines outside their bodies. However, the study is yet to be confirmed and painting is yet to be connected to birth defects.

The risk factor is very low, and these defects only appear in women who are exposed to harmful fumes and chemicals on a daily basis. However, if the only thing you’re doing is
painting a tiny spot on the wall or painting the crib for your newborn, then the defects are no worry at all.

Risultati immagini per mamma pittura la cameretta

However, if the concern is even slight, the safest option is just to postpone the painting till after the baby is born, or to have someone do the painting for you. With that being said, harmful fumes from freshly painted rooms can directly influence your newborn’s health as well. Don’t put the baby into a freshly painted room or crib, as the fumes can cause adverse side effects and various complications.

Mitigating ways
If, however, you are tempted to paint rooms, keep in mind to paint in a well-ventilated area, where chances of inhaling fumes are minimal. Also, try to cover yourself from head to toe to avoid maximized contact with the skin. Using paints marked low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Components) will be best as they have reduced adverse chemicals and vapors.

Along with being ventilated, keep the windows and doors open to avoid trapping the fumes once you’re done the painting. Also, try to keep the contact of the paint and its fumes with your food and drink minimal, to avoid ingesting any of the said chemicals.

Wearing a mask to minimize inhalation of adverse fumes is also recommended. If painting as a hobby, try to avoid it as it can also release some bad chemicals. Even after your child is born, try not to paint yourself or teach your child for maximum convenience.

Final Words

At the verdict, it all depends on the type of paints you’re using or how often and where you’re using them. If not sure, contact a local gynecologist and consult with them.

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